For Clubs & Trial Secretaries

Agility.Events was built to help connect agility enthusiasts with clubs & trial secretaries. The mission to make finding events easier for event participants has remained the same since the site was launched in 2004. To help clubs & secretaries ‘get the word out’ about their events, we have assembled several web services that not only serve the Agility community in general … but also help make efficient use of your time and resources!

Free Services:

Event listings for clubs and calendar resources for exhibitors.

We don’t charge to include a sanctioned event to our database. We don’t charge for including a link to another site which may provide more information such as a club, venue, or trial secretary’s website. We don’t charge to include a link to the Premium, Entry Form, or Test Schedule. Finally, we don’t charge to provide e-mail passage from our site visitors to the Trial Secretary without publishing the secretary’s e-mail address.

We don’t charge exhibitors to access the information in our database. They can learn about events, enjoy one-click access to most entry documents, and contact the event sponsors without charge.

While we do our best to include as many events for as broad an audience as possible, it’s difficult to include every event long in advance of the event date. For this reason we also offer a FREE login account to event secretaries so you may add, update, and enhance information on our calendar. Click here to register for your Trial Secretary login.

Additional Fee-based Services:

Event Marketing

In addition to the one-time announcement of your premium being added to our site, we offer the opportunity for repeat exposure as a Featured Listing for as long as you like. Repeat exposure increases the likelihood that an exhibitor will consider entering your event, ensures that the event listing will be seen, and we guarantee your listing will pay for itself in the first entry!

Your message can be delivered right to the Inbox of our newsletter subscribers by way of an e-mail Blast specific to your geographic area. Invite our subscribers to your event in a specific e-mail message telling them all about why your event is special. We can even help with the artwork & text! As with all our services – we guarantee your e-mail Blast campaign will pay for itself AND MORE!

Click-2-Runsm Online Entries

Eliminate the mail, paper cuts, poor penmanship, bad checks, and time consuming data entry by accepting entry information and fees quickly, efficiently, and securely. Click here to learn more about how Click-2-Run can help you!

Forensic Event data

If you are planning to host trials in the upcoming year, one of the most valuable pieces of information you can have when selecting dates is a snapshot of what other events have taken place on that weekend over previous years. We can provide that information – it’s been accumulating in our database for nearly 10 years and we would be happy to put together a specific query for the months & states you specify. Contact us to get started!